TED.Ed Lessons worth sharing

TED-educational video on antimatter and gravity, Chloé Malbrunot, 2014

[English; animated movie] Like positive and negative, or debit and credit, matter and antimatter are equal and opposite. So if matter falls down, does antimatter fall up? Chloé Malbrunot investigates that question by placing two atoms — one made of matter, and the other antimatter — in the cockpit of a plane, ready to jump. What do you think will happen?
Movies of public presentations dealing with the topic of antimatter by members of AEGIS

TM Wissen, Servus TV: Michael Doser - Antimateriephysiker und Silberschmied, 2013
[German] Broadcast on the Austrian TV channel Servus TV, a science show in which the contribution deals with working at CERN, antimatter, ....

TEDxGeneva - The return of Antimatter, 2011
[English] Recording of a talk on antimatter at TEDxGeneva, 2011.

Origin symposium at Ars Electronica, Linz, 2012
[English] Recording of a keynote talk at the symposium on 'Origins' at the Ars Electronica festival in Linz in September 2012.